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Commercial/Residential Water Wells

Residential Water Wells

Every Alberta household has the right to a domestic water well, you can discuss with our professionals the type of well system that meets your requirements.

Commercial Water Wells
Commercial water wells are not used for household use. These wells may be constructed differently, and have to be registered accordingly.

Installation and Service of Complete Water Systems Pressure Tanks

L&B Water Services will install the proper system to bring you water to your residence or business. Every property is unique and our systems can be customized to meet your water system needs. Contact us here to request more information on installing, servicing or maintaining a complete water system pressure tank.

Installation and Service of Pumps

Our qualified technicians at L&B Water Services are trained in the correct installation and repair of all pump system required by your water system.

Get in touch with us here to request more information on installing, servicing or maintaining your water system pump.

Cistern Installation and Repair

A cistern is a waterproof receptacle for holding liquids, usually water. Cisterns are often built to catch and store rainwater. Cisterns are distinguished from wells by their waterproof linings. Modern cisterns range in capacity from a few litres to thousands of cubic metres, effectively forming covered reservoirs.

Should you require installation or repair of a water cistern on your property, our experienced technicians are on-hand and ready to help.
Contact us to talk a water servicing specialist today about your water cistern installation or repair needs.

Cistern Cleaning

Water Cisterns, over time, require cleaning every three to five years, but they may be cleaned more often if there is a desire or a need to do so. Hauled water storage tank systems that use exclusively hauled water will not require cleaning nearly as often as cisterns if care is taken when re-filling occurs. Our technicians are qualified to correctly and safely clean your cistern. Contact us today to discuss your water cistern cleaning needs and we’d be happy to make a recommendation based on your requirements.

Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment is any process that improves the quality of water to make it more acceptable for a specific end-use. The end use may be drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, water recreation or many other uses, including being safely returned to the environment.

Drinking water is used for drinking and cooking, and is normally treated with a Kinetico reverse osmosis system or water filter. Unless you install a water treatment system, nothing is between you and any water problems your well may have.

At L&B Water Services we have qualified technicians to test/analyze and determine the correct system to properly treat your water for drinking.
Get in touch with us here to request more information on installing, servicing or maintaining a water treatment system.

Water Well & Pump Testing

This is a test we use on water wells to determine the water pumping rate and flow rate and recovery rate of your water well. Testing times vary depending on domestic or commercial requirements. Pump rentals can also be arranged for this service. Testing your water well and your pump is a good time to collect water quality samples to assess the chemical, physical and bacterial properties of the water. L&B Water Services provides Water Well and Pump Testing services performed by qualified well drillers commonly performed on domestic or single-residence wells. Looking for more information about testing your water well or water well pump? We can help. Contact us today to discuss.

Constant Pressure Systems

Constant Pressure Systems are available to customers who have wells that can produce the volume of water to sustain the system. In a constant pressure system when water demand increases, pump speed increases and when water demand decreases, the pump speed will decrease. To maintain pressure in the most efficient way possible the pump only runs as much as necessary to meet demand. Our constant pressure systems do not require large tanks for storage; smaller and lighter tanks can be used and even mounted off the floor, saving space. Get in touch with our water service specialists to discuss your constant pressure system needs.

Campground Services – New Services & Repairs to Existing Systems

Includes water, sewer, and power services to Campgrounds. Our past jobs include: Pineridge Golf Resort, Stony Plain Lions Campground, Allan Beach Resort, and Parks Canada Campgrounds in Alberta.

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